Ferrari 456
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ferrari
Model: 456
Ferrari 456

Anyone looking for a sharp looking car with the goods to back it, must look to Ferrari. Granted, you will need a chunk of change to actually own one, but let's forget about the small details. The Ferrari 456 is a high-performance Ferrari front-engined grand tourer. The 456 was introduced in 1992 as a replacement for the mid-engined Mondial as the company's 4-seat car. Later, the updated 456M was replaced in 2004 by the 612 Scaglietti. The original, and beautifully crafted, 456 was available in GT, and from 1996 on, in GTA forms. The difference in name merely signifies the transmission – the former has a six-speed manual and the latter has a four-speed automatic. This was indeed only the fourth automatic transmission ever offered by Ferrari. The graceful lines matched the 1990s Pininfarina aesthetic, which replaced the hard edges of the previous models. This automobile was expertly powered with a 5.5 L (5474 cc) 65°V12 engine that was derived from the Dino V6 rather than the more conventional 60°V12s used in the 412 and Daytona. It produced 442 hp with 4 valves per cylinder and could push the 3726 lb car to 186 mph. The name 456 is derived quite basically from the fact that each cylinder displaces 456cc, which times 12 equals 5.5 liters. The Ferrari 456 had an impressive, although not the best, acceleration time of zero to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds, with a 13.4 second quarter mile time. There are certainly faster cars on the market, yet the Ferrari line of cars are manufactured with a level of care that was rare back then, and much rarer now. On a note about aesthetics, the Ferrari line always stands out above the rest. These cars are forever innovative, and yet not too far out of the realm of believable that they look goofy. The design team is to be commended.

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