Ferrari 348
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Ferrari
Model: 348
Ferrari 348

Ferrari just might be the most respected automobile company on the face of the earth. Ferrari continues to release one respected model after another respected model. And one such respected model was the Ferrari 348. This powerhouse was a mid-engined V8-powered 2-seat sports car and was introduced to replace the Ferrari 328 in 1989. The 348, badged 348tb and 348ts for the coupe and targa versions respectively, featured a naturally aspirated 3.4 liter version of the quad-cam, 4-valve per cylinder V8 engine. This engine first turned up in the 288 GTO supercar. It produces 300 hp (233 kW) and sits longitudinally with a transverse gearbox, like the Mondial 't' with which the 348 shares many components. This marked a major switch for Ferrari, as most previous small Ferraris used a transverse engine with longitudinal transmission. All of the Ferrari 348's were shipped with dual-computer, double-redundant Anti-Lock Braking systems, along with Traction Control and Launch Control systems. Likewise, all 348's were shipped with on-board self-diagnosing Air Conditioning and heating systems. The United States 348's have functioning on-board OBDI engine management systems, though European variants need to have light bulbs placed into the dash to activate this trouble-shooting feature. Off course that is a very quick fix and well worth the effort. It is hard to imagine there is anything negative to be said about a Ferrari, much less about the Ferrari 348. But sure enough, the car has been criticized for twitchy handling when driven with mismatched tires. Seemingly, drivers would simply change the tires and move on. However, the problem seemed to go a little deeper, for when tested by Car and Driver magazine versus the Acura NSX, it was found to be very easy to spin out around some turns when all 4 tires were not identical in tire-model and tire-age. Realistically though, simply purchase four identical tires and move on.

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