Eagle Talon
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Eagle
Model: Talon
Eagle Talon

The Eagle Talon was one of three model names given to a passenger car that was manufactured and sold by Chrysler Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors of Japan in a collaborative project known as Diamond Star Motors (DSM). The Eagle Talon hit the market in 1990 and remained there until 1998. The Talon was sold under the Eagle marquee, a brand developed by Chrysler to compete with the Japanese imports in the late 1980s from the remnants of American Motors which was purchased by Chrysler in 1987. The other two sister models to the Eagle Talon were the Eclipse and the Laser. Note that both the "Eagle" and "Plymouth" are brand names that have since been discontinued. All three vehicles were built on the same platform at the DSM manufacturing plant in Normal, Illinois. They were even mechanically identical including engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Cosmetically though, they differed in wheels, availability of colors, tail lights, front and rear bumpers and spoilers. If one is looking to identity the Eagle Talon, look for its two-tone body color – the roof, pillars, and door-mounted mirrors will always be black regardless of the body color. One notable thing about the Talon is its success compared to the Eagle nameplate itself, which was a huge disaster for Chrysler. Granted the Eagle nameplate was not well accepted and failed to gain any significant market share, however, the Talon was a stellar success. In fact, it was the only Eagle model that was ever profitable. Not to mention, it was recognized with awards and sold over 100,000 units in its lifetime. By 1998, the Talon was the last model in the declining Eagle arrangement. Although a concept car called the Eagle Jazz was produced, which bore a strange resemblance to a 4-door Eagle Talon, Chrysler stopped promoting the Eagle brand and in 1998 the Talon stopped production.

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