Dodge Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van
Dodge Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van

The Dodge Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van, also known as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, is a tall delivery van, pickup truck and minibus built by DaimlerChrysler and sold under its Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, and Freightliner brands. This model was first introduced to the world in 1995 in Europe. It was created as a replacement to the aging and out of date Mercedes-Benz T1 van, which was sold starting in 1977. Some may remember this model also being sold under the Freightliner brand. In reality, this model is not your family car. It is designed primarily for business, not private users. It is currently offered with four and six cylinder diesel, six cylinder gasoline or LPG engines in Europe, in Asia, in Australia and in South America. The Sprinter is only available in North America as a six cylinder diesel or with a gasoline engines. The body shell can also be seen elsewhere as it is part of a joint-venture with Volkswagen who made the Volkswagen LT. The second generation Sprinter was introduced in Europe in 2006. Of most importance is that an electric hybrid version is available which should prove to be very useful with the rising cost of oil. For those trying to sort out the various models, the model designations for the first generation Sprinter are W901, W902, W903, W904 and W905, depending on the gross weight rating. In 2003, DaimlerChrysler introduced a Dodge-branded version of the Sprinter to the North American market. The Sprinter offers a more fuel efficient alternative to the aging Dodge Ram Van and is available with a factory-built tall roof. It coexists with a former version badged as a Freightliner. In the United States, the Sprinter sees competition from the Ford E-Series, the Chevrolet Express, as well as older models of the Ram Van. Nevertheless, the Sprinter seems to be holding its own quite well.

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