Dodge Ram Wagon 3500 - 15 Passenger
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram Wagon 3500 - 15 Passenger
Dodge Ram Wagon 3500 - 15 Passenger

The Dodge Ram Wagon 3500 was the largest of a series of Wagons under the Dodge marquee. The Ram Wagon 3500 had ample room to comfortably seat 15 passengers and some personal effects as well. It had a 127 inch extended wheelbase and was also offered with a long wheelbase known as the long-body Maxiwagon. In 1998, the engine was moved forward 4 inches, which allowed for more room inside the van, which was always welcomed. In 1995, Dodge changed the series to 1500, 2500, and 3500 as opposed to the previously used 150, 250 and 350. In 1997, the vent windows became non-functional, and they were eventually deleted entirely with the 1998 redesign. With the exception of ride and power, there is not a lot to differentiate a 2003 Ram Wagon and a 1973 Sportsman Royal. Chrysler and Daimler-Benz merged in 1998, which sparked a serious number of changes in the Chrysler and Dodge line-up. To much dismay, the Dodge Ram Van was one of the first ones to be discontinued under this alliance in 2003. It seems that perhaps Benz had a hard time imagining themselves in the Wagon business. The Dodge Ram Wagon was a full-size van sold under the Dodge brand by Chrysler Group. This passenger van originated from a commercial van design which proved to be an in demand vehicle. The van was available in short, extended, and Maxi lengths on two different wheelbases which surely made this model a good fit for anyone regardless of the size that was desired. The exterior design was updated for the 1994 model year, which was the first major redesign since 1971. The dashboard was changed for the 1978 model year and remained nearly the same through the 1997 model year. At that point it was upgraded to include functional drink holders. A really neat choice was the Travel Seating option, which was available through the 1994 model year, and it included a dinette and bed.

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