Dodge Ram Cargo Van 3500
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram Cargo Van 3500
Dodge Ram Cargo Van 3500

The Dodge Ram Cargo Van 3500 was the largest and most powerful of the Dodge Ram van line. Over the years, the Ram Cargo Van underwent very few changes. The most pronounced changes were to the front fenders, the hood, the grille and the bumpers. Additionally, the first generation's side door was mounted back several inches, which used a fixed panel between the passenger's side front door and the side door. This allowed for more access to the side door without interfering with the front passenger's seat, which was certainly convenient, and an intelligent design. Oddly though, this panel was eliminated for the second-generation van as it debuted in 1979. Perhaps this change was made because its elimination allowed for a shorter wheelbase vehicle. Nevertheless, because the construction of the model remained generally the same for the entire 32 years of production, the Dodge Ram Cargo Van became very popular with service companies and other fleets due to the compatibility of installable options from year to year without necessitating a redesign. The Ram Van, which was a cargo van, was also available in a passenger van version known as the Dodge Ram Wagon. These models proved to be quite useful for blue collar professionals such plumbers and electricians. They were built on the B platform and later on the AB platform. In 1971 the full-size vans entered production and at the time, the cargo vans were marketed as the Dodge Tradesman and the passenger vans were called the Dodge Sportsman. The Ram nameplate replaced both previous names in 1979 although they were much more interesting. Due to a rail-through unibody design, the Dodge platform was lighter and stronger than the competition. The van even proved to be popular for cab-over motorhome conversions until Chrysler Corporation's retreat from that market during their bankruptcy proceedings in the 1970s.

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