Dodge Neon
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: Neon
Dodge Neon

The Dodge Neon was a compact car sold from 1994 through 2005 by DaimlerChrysler's Dodge and Plymouth brands. For a short time in Canada and export markets outside the United States, it carried Chrysler badges. The Neon was produced as a front wheel drive car to replace the Dodge Shadow, the Plymouth Sundance, and the Plymouth Duster, as well as the Dodge and the Plymouth Colt. Over the years, the Dodge Neon came in many different versions most of which seemed to be a great hit with the younger generation and first time car buyers. But, things really didn't work out so well for people who had purchased a Dodge Neon. The early Neons had a number of reliability problems with the most rampant being head gasket failures. By November 1998, the head gasket had been replaced with a new multi layer steel design, which seemed to solve much of that specific problem. However, there were other concerns. Many early Neons suffered from poor paint finish quality, where the paint became brittle and peeled off in complete sheets which obviously made them quite attractive. This was blamed partly on teething problems with a new environmentally-friendly "dry painting" process. Unfortunately though, the Neon's early reputation for poor reliability persists today even after the initial problems were identified and corrected for the latter models. More so, Dodge was criticized for adequately publicizing its improvements or proactively reaching out to customers who had experienced failures. In reality though, the ones that are suffering now are the people who are trying to resell their used Neons. Dodge no longer has their hands in the matter as for as that is concerned. Because production ended in late September 2005, limited numbers of Neons were sold as 2006 models so there are a few Neons floating around that are fairly young cars.

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