Dodge Mirada
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: Mirada
Dodge Mirada

In 1980 came the Dodge Mirada, a replacement for the Dodge Magnum. This model was very short lived though given that it was dropped after only three short years in 1983. It was a mid-sized, rear-wheel drive coupe, and was one of a few cars based on the Chrysler J platform. The other models using the platform were the Chrysler Cordoba and the Imperial. Production numbers were less than expected, although with 53,000 units sold during its lifetime that seems like a fairly good run compared to some other Dodge models that have really tanked and sold units only in the four figure range. Nevertheless, the Mirada would stay relatively unchanged during its short run, of course with the exception of paint colors and engines. Chrysler replaced the Dodge Mirada with the 600 in 1983. When the Mirada was introduced, it was advertised as a sort of luxury coupe, with many of the luxury items found in American models during that time such as AM/FM radios with cassette players, leather upholstery, and many power options. On the other end of the advertising spectrum, the Mirada was marketed as being somewhat of a sport coupe, and was hoped by Chrysler to usher in a new era for NASCAR success. Company head Lee Iaccoca personally asked Richard Petty to back one in NASCAR. He obliged to test drive the car along with several other NASCAR drivers, but due to design and styling flaws with the blunt nose piece, and lack of high performance engine parts, the car was around 8 mph slower than the other General Motors and Ford cars on the market. As a result Petty and the other drivers moved to other makes. This seemed to have an impact on the Dodge Mirada given the short life of the automobile.

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