Dodge Durango
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: Durango
Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a sharp looking automobile that commands some serious road presence. It is a Sport Utility Vehicle from DaimlerChrysler's Dodge brand that debuted in the 1998 model year and was redesigned for the 2004 model year. It fills the gap in the Dodge lineup since the cancellation of the Dodge Ramcharger in 1993. In fact, that was a fairly long time to leave such a whole in the market, which might have been a wise move for Dodge, given that it elevated the demand for the new model. Anyhow, the Durango is rolling off the line at the Newark Assembly plant in Newark, Delaware. Dodge marketed the Durango as a very sturdy truck-based SUV designed to hold up to seven passengers and tow up to a whopping 6,700 lbs. That is surely enough for a great sized boat. However, these generation Durango's suffered from transmission and other drive component problems, which is always a disaster for automakers given the loss of confidence by consumers. This problem was blamed in part on the vehicle's heavier weight than the base vehicle and the driving habits of its demographic, those being mainly car and mini-van drivers. In reality, this was a scapegoat for Dodge and they would have been much better off simply correctly the problem and leaving it at that. In 2000 the 4.7 L PowerTech V8 replaced the 5.2 L engine. In that same year a special all wheel drive performance version called the R/T was released with a 5.9 L V8 engine which was especially nice for consumers who loved the Durango but needed a little more power. Advancing through the Durango timeline, the 2007 model was reworked to halt a sales decline and was debuted at the Dallas Auto Show in April 2006. Reworkings included a modified front clip with a new fascia, grille, hood, and headlamps. The fenders and wheels were also given a facelift. Whether or not the changes were enough to keep the Durango in the game has yet to be seen.

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