Dodge 600
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Dodge
Model: 600
Dodge 600

Here is another example of a Dodge model that only survived a few years in production. The Dodge 600 was the company's version of the Chrysler E-Class luxury car of the 1980s. It was launched in 1983 as a small mid-size car based on the Chrysler E platform and was discontinued five years later after the 1988 model year. When Dodge dropped its full-sized St. Regis after 1981, the mid-sized Diplomat became Dodge's top-line sedan. So Dodge was faced with bringing another sedan to the lineup, and the 600 was sent in to get the job done. It was fairly appropriately slotted between the Aries and the Diplomat in the lineup. Additionally, the 600 had another purpose and that was to be Dodge's answer to the European sedans of the day. Not that it really fooled anyone, but its numerical name and rear-end styling was designed to call to mind thoughts of a Mercedes-Benz. This plan more of less back-fired and it elicited thoughts of the Chevrolet Celebrity, the Pontiac 6000 and the Ford Fairmont. The Dodge 600 debuted as a four-door sedan and was available in two trims: the base and the ES. Power was provided by Chrysler's 2.2 L 4-cylinder engine, with the Mitsubishi-built 2.6 L 4-cylinder available as an option. These specs seemed to impress drivers and sales of the 600 nearly doubled in its second year. Perhaps people were drawn by the digital dashboard and the Electronic Voice Alert ' the annoying beeping when the door is left ajar. But, it looks like the 600 had sold just about all the units it was going to be able to handle and Dodge started planning for its retirement. The coupe and the convertible were dropped for 1987, while the sedan would last one more year. Production formally ended in 1988. The Dodge 600, along with the Aries and Lancer, were replaced by the Spirit.

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