Datsun 810
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Datsun
Model: 810
Datsun 810

The Maxima model line was born with the Nissan Bluebird Maxima, which was known as the Datsun 810 in the United States. It originated in February 1977 at which time it was powered by two versions of the SOHC L-series I6 engine, a 2.0 L displacement for the Japanese market and a 2.4 L for the United States market. The 2.0 L engine was good for 122 PS JIS (90 kW), while the bigger American engine could reach a better 125 hp SAE (93 kW). These cars were rear-wheel drive and had had a semi-trailing arm rear suspension making them pretty fun to drive. The station wagon variant had the rear live axle for load carrying reasons. In 1979, the 2-door coupe version was introduced along with an exterior makeover. This particular model was only available in the American market as the Datsun 810. The new Datsun 280ZX shared the 810's chassis, though the 810 did not get the larger 2.8 L engine. This was quite and important automobile given that it was the first car to wear the Maxima name. Later, in 1984, the last year of the first generation Maxima, American Datsuns began carrying the "Nissan" badge as well. This was a pretty special and unique model year given that only 1984 Nissans have both "Nissan" and "Datsun" on the back of the car. Of additional significance was the power steering pump because it was sourced from General Motors' Saginaw Gear division. This was only the second Nissan to use United States -sourced parts besides the Borg-Warner T-5 transmission used in the Datsun 510. Interesting to consider that the export and import business has not always been favoring one particular area of the world. As times continue to change, who really knows where the car parts for the next generation of cars will come from.

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