Datsun 310
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Datsun
Model: 310
Datsun 310

The Datsun 310 made its way onto center stage in 1959. It was one of a few cars that made up the Bluebird line. It didn't do so well, most likely due to a rather obvious lack of style, or because of too much styling, but either way it was not easy on the eyes. There had been 110, 111, and 112 series cars, as well as a 210, but these were derived from the old thrift line. The 310 also was negatively affected from an Austin based engine design, pumping out a less than stellar 48 horsepower from an OHV 1189cc E series engine with just a single barrel carburetor. One might think that this was the bottom of the line and yet an economy version was also available with a 37hp 988cc C1 engine that was derived from the earlier 210 car. Though this model was designed for the Japanese market, the 1959 310 was Nissan's first actual attempt at launching a sedan in the United States. It is argued that the United States market was tough to compete in because drivers were looking for cars with significant horsepower. This was not the only hiccup; it also was a very small car, lacking in head and legroom, making it an unfeasible drive for most average, or especially, taller Americans. The Deluxe versions introduced the DP code instead of just P, and included the DP311, which was released in October 1960. This first generation continued until they were replaced by the 410 in September 1963. Much later a B310 was introduced and was known for its high equipment levels and build quality for the time. In 1980, the B310 was given a mild makeover, with an altered front end, a grille with square headlamps, and a remade dashboard. Humorously, in Japan, the wagon was a special model called the Sunny California.

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