Datsun 200sx
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Datsun
Model: 200sx
Datsun 200sx

Beginning in 1974, the "200SX" badging would be utilized and it would continue to be so until 2002. The Nissan 200SX name refers to several models of automobiles sold by Nissan Motors around the world. Beginning in 1964 with the CSP311 2-seat coupe, last produced in 1968 the history of the "200SX" originates. When the Silvia was upgraded in the 1970s as a two-plus-two coupe meant to compete with the Toyota Celica, it was introduced in some countries as the "200SX". This name was in reference to the displacement in the engine: 2.0 liters. This type of naming can be seen in other similar Nissan badging, most notably the Datsun 240Z (2.4L) and its successive car line. This has indeed continued all the way to the present incarnation, that being the Nissan 350Z. In 1974, the 200SX line began with the S10 chassis. This model was sold as the Nissan Silvia in Japan, and as the "200SX" in North America and Australia among other places. This was the first of the S chassis series. It featured a 2.0 L carbureted 4-cyl L20B engine, producing 90 hp. Humorous to the Japanese, the 200SX sold in North America wore large impact-absorbing bumpers in accordance with United States regulation, which could not be found on the models in Japan. As it turns out, the Datsun 200SX could win the hearts of drivers all over. In a remarkable result, the Datsun 200SX was the first non-European vehicle to win Australia's Motor Magazine Performance Car of The Year in 2001. This was especially remarkable because the competition included a freshly released Porsche 911. Although this was a controversial result in many respects, the magazine holds that all the numbers that went into the final judgment were justified. It seems that even cars can unite nations.

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