Daihatsu Rocky
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Daihatsu
Model: Rocky
Daihatsu Rocky

The Daihatsu Rocky, otherwise known as the Sportrak or the Feroza in places outside of the United States, is a Mini-SUV or Small 4×4 that is available worldwide. It is expertly manufactured by Daihatsu of Japan. This model was in production from 1987 until 1988, where as the main differences between the Mark One and Mark Two Rocky concern the front end and associated trim including the headlights and grille. The Rocky is fitted with a Daihatsu 1600cc DOHC or SOHC engine, linked via a gearbox, propshaft and differential to the front wheels and rear axle. This makes the Rocky able to provide either four wheel drive or two-wheel drive depending on the driver's requirement. The 2WD, 4WD Low and 4WD High are selected using a selector next to the gear stick in the cabin. The Rocky however has had some problems over the years, specifically with the engine, which is generally known to have performance difficulties attributed to poor air induction. This can be improved by the removal of the air filtration system, which is of course not something that a car owner likes to hear that they have to do. It can be fitted with a more free flowing air filter nevertheless. This does present somewhat of a problem though for anyone who wants to be able to take their 4-wheel drive vehicle off road. In essence this makes the vehicle much less useful. The good news is that even though you won't be taking this SUV off road, you can still enjoy the interior which is comfortable and well laid out. Some models include a clock, inclinometer and voltmeter. Cabriolet models are available which should probably not be purchased given that they are known to leak around the seals leading to a full soft-top renewal. From the sounds of it, this is a better model to pass up.

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