Chrysler Town & Country MiniVan
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chrysler
Model: Town & Country MiniVan
Chrysler Town & Country MiniVan

Introduced in 1990, the Chrysler Town and Country is a minivan marketed by DaimlerChrysler. At its released, its sister vehicles, the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager, had already been in production since 1984 and had a pretty loyal following. Chrysler however saw a need for a more upscale minivan that might attract a new segment of buyers that had previously excluded minivans as being lower quality and less stylish.

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The success of the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager encouraged the company to produce one of the first-ever luxury minivans. This was all occurring as General Motors was about to release the Oldsmobile Silhouette, which was direct competition.Luckily for both companies, both models arrived at dealerships the same time. Since their introduction, the Chrysler family minivans have been the best-selling minivans in the United States and the Town and Country joins this prestigious bunch. It is important to not confuse this model with older models that carried the same name from 1941 to 1988.

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The history of minivans for Chrysler has been such a positive one that it is hard to imagine the brand without the coveted automobiles. In fact the sales have been nothing short of miraculous. Consider that since the beginning of production in the fall of 1983, more than 11 million Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth minivans have been sold as of mid-2005. They have been so loved that the company has been prompted to release special anniversary editions of the Chrysler minivans to mark significant milestones. The first special edition appeared in 1994 as the “10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION”. This is then where the Town and Country earns even more fame; the Platinum series of the model is credited as being the twentieth anniversary edition. Whether or not there will be a thirtieth year model is yet to be seen given that SUVs are really giving minivans a run for their money ‘ literally. Use our auto shipping calculator, which we created first, and learn about the Chrysler Town and Country by going here. Auto shipping estimates are easy on this page.

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