Chrysler TC
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chrysler
Model: TC
Chrysler TC

What do you get when you mix a Chrysler and a Maserati? It looks like the Chrysler TC is just that – the product of an odd combination of companies. It was built on a Chrysler Q platform and was jointly developed by Chrysler and Maserati. This model made its first appearance in 1986 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. However, drivers had to wait until 1989 when it was formally launched to the buying public. The TC, which is an acronym for Touring Coupe, was meant to be a halo car for Chrysler. It seems that somewhere the companies missed the mark given that it was dropped in 1991 due to suffering sales. Only 7,300 TCs had been made at the time of cancellation. Nevertheless, this really must have been a well made car because it was made by hand in Milan, Italy making it a little strange that it was not better received. Probably the most interesting aspect of this vehicle is how Maserati and Chrysler began working on a joint venture. In fact, this car is the product of a great friendship. Lee Iacocca started a friendship with the late Alejandro de Tomaso while at Ford. This led to the successful De Tomaso Pantera. Later, during the 1980s, Iacocca found himself at the helm of Chrysler, meanwhile De Tomaso was owner of the historic Maserati Company. This progressed, and in 1984 both companies signed a memorandum stating that they would jointly create a sport coupe, which ultimately became know as the TC. But as history has it, the friendship was not enough to create sales and encourage people to go out in search of this vehicle. How the friendship fared afterwards is unknown, although given the positions of the parties involved, it seems that the mantra, "its just business" is appropriate.

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