Chrysler Prowler
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chrysler
Model: Prowler
Chrysler Prowler

Common sense would tell someone that the name 'Prowler' might not elicit a positive response from parents of individuals that attach the name to criminals. Nevertheless, this must not have gone through the mind of Chrysler as they used it to describe on of their cars. This model began as the Plymouth Prowler, a "retro"-styled production car with a body that was produced in Shadyside, Ohio. It did manage to remain in production from 1997 until 2002. Mechanically, it featured a power train lifted from Chrysler's LH-cars, with a 253 hp 3.5 L SOHC V6 engine that occupied the usual under hood area. Worth noting, the 4-speed Autostick automatic transmission was relocated to the rear. The two were joined by a flexible driveshaft that rotates at engine speed similar to the C5 Corvette and the Alfa Romeo 75. This certainly made for an interesting under the hood configuration and basically made it such that the amateur mechanic had no business working on this car. This was the first rear-wheel drive Plymouth released since the 1989 Plymouth Gran Fury. The Prowler was first introduced as a 1997 model, and oddly enough offered only in purple that first year. It seems that the company didn't want to put any work into the model given that there was no 1998 model released. When the Plymouth marquee was discontinued in 2001, the Prowler was sold as a Chrysler until 2002. Perhaps by then Chrysler had noticed the poor naming of the model and it was replaced by the Chrysler Crossfire for 2004. All be it though, the Crossfire name is really not that much better. As a piece of trivia, a scale model Prowler carved out of amethyst was made in 1997 to celebrate the car's launch. And this wasn't just any model car; this model had about 9600 karats of jewel in it, which made it the largest cut piece of amethyst in the world. This of course made it quite a beauty to look at and in realty was the best thing to come of this model in its entirety.

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