Chrysler LHS
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chrysler
Model: LHS
Chrysler LHS

Drivers looking for a full-size, front wheel drive car would have been pleased to find the Chrysler LHS. It was originally released in 1994, which was the year prior to the last year of Chrysler New Yorker. The LHS used a version of the LH platform with a five-inch longer body, which gave it the status of being the largest car in Chrysler's range. It took this title from the Imperial and also claimed the title as the "flagship" model. The five-passenger LHS could be differentiated from its 6-passenger, chrome-trimmed sibling, the New Yorker, by a sportier image. It seemed that the LHS was a more popular model leading the New Yorker to be dropped in favor of the six-passenger option on the LHS. In 1995, a minor makeover was completed at which time the Pentastar was dumped in favor of Chrysler's current medallion logo. Sadly, the LHS was dropped after the 1997 model year. This occurred in anticipation of a new, redesigned LHS, which was again released for 1999. And once again, as was the previous case, the second generation LHS occupied its niche as Chrysler's largest car. The LHS didn't remain around long during its second appearance and it was discontinued after 2001. Drivers need not worry; it was replaced by the new Concorde. This executive decision was most likely made given that the Concorde and LHS were nearly identical. They did differ in a few minor cosmetic areas, yet it made better sense to market them both under one name. Nevertheless, the LHS was well praised throughout its production run and was credited for offering a blend of high-end luxury and features. Not to mention, it offered all this and solid performance at a much lower price than its rivals ' and that is something to be proud of.

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