Chrysler LeBaron
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chrysler
Model: LeBaron
Chrysler LeBaron

The Chrysler LeBaron, which was introduced in 1977, takes the cake as the brands lowest priced model. The moniker continued to be used on various Chrysler models until 1995. The name dates much farther back than 1977 though, as it originated from the 1930s coach builder. At which time the LeBaron name designated the top of the line Imperial models through 1975. Although the LeBaron name had been used before on Imperials, 1977 marked the first time the name was used on a Chrysler. The LeBaron's debut as a model of its own was as a rear-wheel drive M-body. This was only in fact a rebadged Dodge Diplomat with more deluxe trim and better equipment. It stayed in production only a few years until 1981. Starting in the 1982 model year, the LeBaron model name was moved to a new front-wheel drive car. The previous model of which it was named was re-branded and renamed the New Yorker Fifth Avenue. After the first generation LeBaron coupe and convertible were dropped from production in 1986, Chrysler released a new LeBaron in 1987 that was built on the J platform and available as both a coupe and a convertible. The newer LeBaron featured headlights hidden behind retractable metal covers which was fairly innovative at the time, a waterfall grille, and Coke bottle style rocker panels. The LeBaron was fairly well received and the models have surprisingly been turning up in various films and television slots. Perhaps this car has more of a cult following than anyone would like to admit. Its true legacy will not be known for years to come, especially considering that Chrysler could always reuse the name at some point in the future. It is hard to imagine what the future model would look like, but hopefully it would have been updated.

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