Chrysler Aspen
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chrysler
Model: Aspen
Chrysler Aspen

With a name like the Chrysler Aspen, it is hard to think of anything but snow-capped mountains, warm lodge fireplaces and fast ski jumps. This is fairly appropriate given that the Aspen is a sport utility vehicle from Chrysler launched for the 2007 model year. The Aspen gets its inspiration from the Dodge Durango Sport Utility Vehicle. Dodge from 1976 to 1980 previously utilized the name 'Aspen'. This however is the first truck-based SUV sold under the Chrysler brand. This introduction now makes it such that all of the American automobile brands have an SUV in their range. Obviously one may wonder if the market is too saturated but in the end may the fittest survive. In 2006 at the North American International Auto Show the Aspen took center stage. One of the coolest features about the Aspen is that it also comes equipped with three rows of seating for 8 passengers and in the very useful all-wheel drive. To make things very easy, the Aspen only comes in one series, the Limited. Nevertheless, because people do like options, several equipment packages are available to customize the vehicle to one's personal tastes. Given that, only a few standalone options are offered, which keeps the Aspen in like with its marketing as an upscale SUV. Engine option are a flex-fuel 4.7 L V8, which is really fantastic given that it is capable of running on E85 or gasoline, a gasoline 4.7 L V8 engine necessary for California and other states where the E85 4.7 L V8 will not meet emissions requirements, and the 5.7 L Hemi V8 with MDS for some serious drivers. The Aspen is a very welcomed model to the Chrysler line given that for the 2006 model year, Chrysler was the only American automaker that did not offer a sport utility vehicle.

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