Chevy Van G20
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Van G20
Chevy Van G20

Chevrolet has released a handful of vans over the years and this is just another one of the models. In reality, there is nothing special about this particular vehicle. The Chevrolet G20 was a full-sized van that did for a while take the cake as the staple of the North American van fleet. This was the successor to the original Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Van of which it replaced in the late 60's. The G20 made if for some time, in fact, it stayed in production until 1996. Granted, over the years the model line evolved. Nevertheless, something new came along in 1996 known as the Chevrolet Express. If you are trying to easily distinguish the years, the 1964 to 1970 model G20s came with six-lug rims, while the 1971-96 generation came with the 5 lug – 5" (127mm) bolt circle. One thing that is worth noting about this particular model is its versatility. Because the G20 has such a low start up cost and an even lower cost of upkeep, it became a chosen model for all different kinds of trades, such as plumbers and caterers among many more. Additionally, for these professionals, it was offered in a number of size and options which also made it pretty hard to not find exactly what one was looking for. Work vans such as the G20 were very common and very sought after for some time. However, it seems that as the world changes and more goods and services are supplied from far away, vans such as these are not as needed. There will hopefully always be professionals who are local and would have use for such a van, but the number of situations like this have really dropped drastically. It will be interesting to watch where the van market heads as even SUVs become less popular and small cars become more desired. And on a much lighter note, The Mystery Machine from the live action Scooby-Doo movies is a G20.

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