Chevy Sprint
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Sprint
Chevy Sprint

Drivers on the lookout for the Suzuki Swift can just purchase the Chevrolet Sprint, which is just a rebadged version of the model previously listed. It was sold in the United States and Canada although in Canada it was sold as the Suzuki Forsa from 1985 to 1988. The Sprint on the other hand was sold in Canada as the Pontiac Firefly. The mid-1980s were an interesting time in terms of small car imports. Import subcompacts like the Hyundai Excel and Toyota Tercel were commanding a lot of sales and were quite popular among drivers.

Auto Shipping Rates For the Chevy Sprint

General Motors had intended to discontinue the Chevette when they brought the Sprint to market. However, for better or worse, General Motors continued the Chevette until 1987, and the Chevette was sold alongside the Sprint and Spectrum which turned out to be an interesting conundrum considering they were all fighting for the same sales. In 1988, the hatchback was given the name Chevrolet Sprint Metro. The Metro name as many know was later carried through into the Geo brand. To make the situation even more complicating, the name was later changed back to Chevrolet again in 1998.

Suzuki Swift Auto Shipping Rates

The Suzuki Swift underwent another redesign in 1989, and a new name was given to the vehicle. For better or worse, this same model car was born and reborn all over again a number of times. It seems as if consumers didn’t even notice for it was really not a big deal in the automotive industry. It seems perhaps all buyers were concerned that air conditioning was offered in all years. This was about the only consistency through the years. After 1986 a three-speed automatic transmission began to be offered and was a well-sold option. Additionally, all models featured front-wheel drive and 12-inch tires, which drivers loved because it gave the Sprint excellent handling. To receive an auto shipping rate on one of the most fuel-efficient cars, the Chevy Sprint, stay here on this page.

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