Chevy Monte Carlo
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Monte Carlo
Chevy Monte Carlo

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo has certainly become a household name. It is an American mid-size car originally introduced by Chevrolet for the 1970 model year. Chevrolet was hoping to compete with the Ford Thunderbird, which is a hard thing to do. Over the years, the Monte Carlo has undergone six generations. One thing has remained the same and that is that all Monte Carlos to date have been two-door coupes and have been closely based on a modern mid-sized sedan. Lucky for Chevrolet, this car has been very well received and from its inception has been one of GM's biggest successes on the NASCAR stock car racing circuit. Cars that have a following outside of being just road-way automobiles tend to fare well in the marketplace as they are given lots of free publicity and popularity that cannot be purchases in standard airtime. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end at some point and in 2007 GM plans to discontinue the Monte Carlo and stick just with their other similar model, the Impala. Brainchild Elliot M. (Pete) Estes, general manager of Chevrolet, is to be credited for coming up with the idea of the Monte Carlo. Chevrolet's chief stylist, Dave Holls is also credited for playing a significant role in the design and image that the Monte Carlo would display. They modeled the styling on the contemporary Cadillac Eldorado, which seems to have been a very smart move considering that Cadillac has a huge following of its own. Cadillacs scream prestige and power, both of which consumers are attracted to. The windshield wipers might just be the coolest part about this model; they are concealed which granted is just a gimmick, but a cool one at that. But it was not the cool windshield wipers that carried the Monte Carlo to the most wins of any car in NASCAR history.

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