Chevy Lumina
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Lumina
Chevy Lumina

When the Chevrolet Celebrity sedan and coupe, and the Monte Carlo coupe were being dropped from production, something had to come in and act as a replacement for those consumers who were seeking such a model. In comes the Chevrolet Lumina sedans and minivans, which were first introduced in 1989. The Oshawa Car Assembly plant, in Ontario, Canada was home to the assembly line for all the Lumina that made it to the marketplace. The initial introduction of the Lumina was a confusing one because Chevrolet launched two different vehicles, the Lumina sedan and the Lumina APV, under essentially the same model name. This confusion was ended when the Chevrolet Venture replaced the Lumina APV in 1997. In fact the Lumina is not even really a new car; it is in fact a rebadged version of the Australian Holden Commodore, which was available for sale in the Middle East, South Africa and Thailand from 1997. The North American Chevrolet Lumina was built upon the mid-size GM W platform, which can also be found in the Pontiac Grand Prix, the Buick Regal, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, the Oldsmobile Intrigue and the Buick Century. Once again though it appears that General Motors was late to the party and they took some serious heat for releasing the Lumina so late. It seems that consumers were looking for something to compete with the Ford Taurus and the Lumina was the perfect model to do so, only customers wanted it long before it was ever released. It did however become a top seller nonetheless. There are a few models out and about that are very rare to come by and one such model is the Lumina 3.4 Sedan. If you happen to spot this baby on the road, take a second look because you may never see it again.

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