Chevy Impala
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Make: Chevy
Model: Impala
Chevy Impala

Not many model of cars can compete with the sale success of the Chevrolet Impala. For many years, the Impala was the best-selling vehicle in the entire United States. Amazingly, in 1965 it sold over one million units, which is a record still today. The Impala is built for the Chevrolet division by General Motors while the chief engineer of Chevrolet described the Impala as a “prestige” car that was within the reach of the everyday American citizen. Given the sales volume of this model, it seem that consumers took his word for it.

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The Impala name surfaced at the 1956 General Motors Motorama. It was painted metallic emerald green, had a white interior and featured hardtop styling. It went on to have quite an exciting and varied career. The Chevrolet Impala was formally released in 1958 as an offshoot of the Corvette, although newer versions have moved and into the bin of mid-sized sedans and finds itself competing with the Camry and Accord. Oddly, production of the car was halted twice. The first time was after the 1985 model, and the second time was after the 1996 version. It seemed that perhaps rising gas costs and changing consumer preferences were the cause of the stop in production.

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Nevertheless, this car has had an impressive showing in Hollywood productions. For example, in the Disney and Pixar film Cars, Ramone is based on a 1959 Impala low rider. The Impala has even made a name for itself in the music industry as well. For example, in rap culture, the term “six-four” is generally used to refer to a 1964 Impala. Also, the Detroit-based rap group Slum Village was featured in ads for the 2006 Impala, which is certainly helpful in allowing the Impala to retain its rough and tough image. It has also made appearance in the wrestling circuit among a host of other industries outside of the typical automotive world. With that said, the Impala continues to distinguish itself from its other large sedan competitors. Use our auto transport calculator, which we created first, and learn more about the Chevy Impala by going here. Auto transport estimates are easy on this page.

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