Chevy Express 1500 - 8 Passenger
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Express 1500 - 8 Passenger
Chevy Express 1500 - 8 Passenger

Chevrolet made a name for itself in the van market, and one such model was appropriately known as the Chevrolet Van. The name is also attached to the entire series of vans sold by Chevrolet. This model made it to the market in 1961 and has proven to be quite popular. It started out on the Corvair platform, and is still being made under the Express name. It faces its strongest competition from the Ford Econoline series of vans. The model has proven to be so successful for a variety of purposes and reasons. The cargo version of the Express 1500 for 8 passengers is popular simply as a work vehicle and can be found being driven by professionals such as electricians, plumbers and contractors. Of course it is appropriate for anyone else needing to haul a variety of large items. For those that are familiar with the van market in the UK, the Express is the North American equivalent of the ubiquitous white vans. The Express has also seen some other uses such as being quite popular and utilitarian as a passenger van. It is available to seat anywhere from 8 to 15 passengers. This has made it very useful for churches, small schools, clubs and even for very large families. Other uses include being used as a very capable tow vehicle, ambulance or as a shuttle bus. Uses for the Express continue and it can be found as the basis for conversion vans and motor homes. In fact, it is likely that many people have ridden in an Express if they have ever taken an airport shuttle or something else of the like. This model is thus obviously mostly sold to fleet buyers and very infrequently purchased by the general public. Although, after considering the convenience of going grocery shopping in this vehicle, perhaps it should be considered more often by folks simply looking for a new family car.

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