Chevy Del Ray
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Del Ray
Chevy Del Ray

Making its debut in 1954 was the Chevrolet Delray which first appeared as an optional trim level on the mid-range 210 series of the Chevrolet line of full-size cars. Later it was upgraded and became a distinct series of its own. At which time the Delray was a two-door sedan that highlighted an upgraded vinyl upholstery that had interesting looking "waffle-like" pleating. It also was a beauty with carpeting and other minor upgrades. In terms of what was available on the standard, the equipment was essentially the same as the regular 210 models. It was really not on the market for that long and hit the chopping block in 1957. Nevertheless, it appears to have been a fairly popular model while it was around. A rebirth came in 1958 when the Chevrolet Delray became a distinct series of its own. It took the place of the 150 and became Chevrolet's price-leading, no-frills model. Drivers looking for something a little more flashy would have been better off checking out the Biscayne, Bel Air or the Impala. In accordance with its bottom-end status, the Delray was minimally classy on the interior or exterior trim. It also was available with limited options. Logically then this car really wasn't a dream for many individual buyers and instead was bought up by fleet buyers such as police departments and businesses. There were a few private customers who were looking for low price, economy and basic all-around transportation and for them, the Delray was a decent option. It also had the convenience of being a full-size automobile. One pretty neat thing about the Delray was the array of engines that buyers could select between. They could order any engine and transmission of choice, which included the 348 in<sup>3</sup> V8 and the fuel-injected 283 in<sup>3</sup> V8 engines.

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