Chevy Colorado 2dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Colorado 2dr Short Bed
Chevy Colorado 2dr Short Bed

Something special is coming out of Rayong, Thailand and Shreveport, Louisiana ' it's the Chevrolet Colorado 2 door short bed. In 2004 General Motors released the Colorado and its sister vehicle, the GMC Canyon. These are the company's compact pickup trucks, the replacements for the Chevrolet S10 and GMC Sonoma. Design of these models was completed with the help of Isuzu, who also began selling a version of the truck in late 2005 under the name the "i-Series". General Motors' North America and Brazil operations, along with Isuzu, created the Colorado based on the GMT355, which was actually based off the Hummer H3. Drivers can select either manual or automatic transmissions along with being able to purchase the Colorado in either 2WD or 4WD. The options continue with either the standard, extended, or four-door crew cab body styles. Most models come equipped under the hood with the 2.8 L LK5 I4 engine as standard, however those drivers looking for some real power may want to take a second look at the more powerful 3.5 L L52 I5 which comes with the Z71 package on 4-door versions. Even if one decided not to go with the 4-door version, it is still available as optional on all others. You can even spot this model in other places besides the highway, such as in the major motion picture, "Black Zone." The production company purchased several identical Chevy Colorado ZQ8 Sports for the impressive car chase. It may look a little different in the film given that the stunt version of the Colorado features a nitrous oxide system, roll cage, proportioning valve on the rear brakes and a modified suspension for the 180-degree spins and corner drifts. Most likely these are not features that the everyday driver is in need of, but rest assured, if one decides to power out their Colorado 2 dr short bed, it would perform miraculously.

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