Chevy Biscayne
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Biscayne
Chevy Biscayne

If you were shopping for a cheap car in the late fifties to the early seventies, it is likely that you considered the Chevrolet Biscayne. This car belonged to a series of automobiles produced by Chevrolet between 1958 and 1972. With the exception of 1958, the Biscayne was the lowest cost model in the Chevrolet full-size car lineup. Others in this category were the Delray, the Bel Air, the Impala and the Caprice. The Biscayne name was dropped in the states in 1972, but somehow survived in Canada through the 1975 model year. Most people actually were not purchasing the Biscaynes, but may have taken a ride in one or two. They were produced primarily for the fleet market, but nevertheless the active consumer could have gotten their hands on one. Of course they only would have appealed to those who wanted a low-cost, no-frills vehicle with the handiness of a full-size automobile. These were actually quite powerful cars for the low cost. Most were sold with a six-cylinder engine through the late 1960s, but nearly all Biscaynes sold in the early 1970s had a V8 engine. Power steering became available later and was made standard in 1971 along with the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. For much of the 1960s, Biscaynes were sold with high-output big-block V8 engines and a 4-speed manual transmission. Oddly enough for such a low-end automobile, it is highly sought after today. It seems that the original production numbers were very low, thus examples of these high-performance cars are highly wanted by collectors today. Best guess is that because many were sold as fleet cars, the majority ended up in junkyards after being driven in the ground and were not worth repairing. And, in reality, this is probably not the quality that collectors are looking to get their hands on.

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