Chevy Aveo
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Chevy
Model: Aveo
Chevy Aveo

This car is probably one of the least popular models on the market. It can only be assumed that anyone who owns one has purchased one as a last ditch option. It is a subcompact car that was released in 2003 from GM Daewoo, and based on the Daewoo Kalos. It is really not surprising that this car is quite unpopular considering it was released to replace other unpopular cars. If Chevrolet was expecting anything better than mediocre sales, they were being ridiculous. In other markets such as the United States and Canada it replaced the slow-selling Daewoo Lanos. If you blinked you would not have even known that Daewoo cars were for sale in North American, which is because they only lasted from 1999 to 2002. The Aveo is also a late successor to the Chevrolet Metro, which was sold only in North America, and was discontinued in 2000 without a replacement. Since the actual car is not worth talking about, lets cover the correct pronunciation of the name. Some reviewers give it as uh-VAY-oh and others as AH-vay-oh. The Chevrolet web site and literature offer no guidance because it seems they would rather try to highlight the actual mechanic of the vehicle. So, if one would like to know, the car is based on a GM Daewoo platform called T200, which is a replacement for the T100 platform used in the Daewoo Lanos. For good reason there are no other vehicles using that same platform, so the vehicle itself is also referred to as T200. Lucky drivers in North America have access to a 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. Chevrolet just won't let this car go and they proceeded to showcase the newest 2007 Aveo at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. It would be amazing if it even bothered to receive any reviews thereafter.

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