Cadillac Sixty Special
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Cadillac
Model: Sixty Special
Cadillac Sixty Special

Since 1938 the Sixty Special name has been used at Cadillac to denote a model as special. The Series 60 was reluctantly replaced by the Series 61 in 1941, but the Series Sixty name thankfully continued for decades. A special version of the Series 60, known as the Sixty Special, was produced from 1938 through 1941. It was an up scaled Series 60 with a low ride height and also included some added new features. Such features were the integrated trunk, a lack of side running boards, and four front-hinged doors. This was a sharp looking car given that it rode on an extra-long 127 in wheelbase. Oddly, it was only on the market for three years and was, to some surprise, dropped in 1941. A 1942 model was planned it was never produced and no reason was given for the change in plans. The look of the model was updated each year, and each is highly prized. It is still being debated, but many Cadillac fans and car buff argue that the 1941 Sixty Special Fleetwood was the best Cadillac design ever. It used the 126 in wheelbase and was powered by the same 346 in<sup>3</sup> Cadillac V8 as the rest of the line. This made the car a machine to mess with and certainly pleased the driver with its pick-up and go ability. Thankfully and happily, the Sixty Special Fleetwood returned after the war in 1946. This time, it was much like the C-body Series 62, though with a 2 in stretch to the cabin and doors. The model can be identified by the added chrome. The Sixty Special returned once again in 1987 as a trim level on the front wheel drive Fleetwood. Those who were lucky enough got their hands on the 1987 & 1988 Sixty Specials which were custom-crafted cars featuring a six-inch stretch over the de Ville on which they were based.

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