Cadillac Fleetwood
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Cadillac
Model: Fleetwood
Cadillac Fleetwood

The Fleetwood Metal Body Company opened for business in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1909. The company was able to remain an independent automobile body builder until 1925 when it was acquired by the Fisher Body Company, which interestingly was a division of General Motors. To the dismay of the Fleetwood community, the company was moved in 1931 to Detroit. The Fleetwood Metal Body Company spent many years establishing its reputation as a builder of fine wood and aluminum auto bodies.

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It made built-to-order product, which were sought after by many prominent people all around the world – from India to Japan to Poland and the United States. Some well-known American movie idols even were known to have placed orders. One body was even built for silent screen star Rudolph Valentino. This relic recently sold for $1,600,000.00. Fleetwood was so successful because they sold a “unique” product. This of course attracted the wealthy. The prospective buyer purchased a chassis with engine and wheels which were shipped to Fleetwood; meanwhile, the purchaser met with one of the company’s designers to sketch a drawing of the customer’s ideas and of what the final design should look like. Once the client was satisfied with the artwork, the plans were sent to Fleetwood where the body would be made and also where they mounted the chassis and finished the model up in the color and upholstery selected by the buyer.

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Given the history of the company, it is only appropriate that Cadillac would use such a name on one of their cars. The Fleetwood name was used on the top of the line Cadillac models since 1927. In 1977, Cadillac refocused the Fleetwood name to only describe the top of the line automobiles of the time. Fleetwood came to stand for uniqueness and quality that was unmatched anywhere. Use our auto shipping  estimates calculator, which we created first, and learn about the Cadillac Fleetwood by going here.

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