Cadillac DeVille
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Cadillac DeVille

The name “Cadillac DeVille” might just be the best name on the market for a car. There is something about the way it flows off the tip of the tongue and for some reason is impossible to forget. The DeVille name has been used on numerous Cadillac luxury models. After the Fleetwood model was sadly dropped from the Cadillac lineup, the DeVille became the largest Cadillac sedan available. It is really to bad that the DeVille name has been replaced by DTS for the 2006 model year.

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Perhaps one of the reasons the DeVilles are so memorable is that they are popular as limousines and hearses and thus are seen in particular situations where our memories are likely to remember them by.Even the Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has the DeVille as his official car. As it turns out, the car was recommended by the Massachusetts State Police for use. It has a nice security system and great exterior color. As with most things in the political circuit, there was a controversy spurred over the $38,000 choice. Nevertheless, the Governor looks sharp riding in his new car.

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The origins of the “DeVille” name are intriguing in that it derives its name from its body styling, which featured an open chauffeur’s compartment and enclosed passenger compartment. This design layout allowed the vehicle to become more than just a car, and more of a status symbol. Cadillac brought the name to the marketplace in 1949 on the Coupe De Ville, after which a 4-door hardtop version appeared in 1956. Both cars were built on the Series 62. Beginning in 1965, DeVille took the reigns as Cadillac’s mainstream model, which was a high honor to have. Seeing that the name is so unforgettable, this seems to have been a smart move on the part of Cadillac executive and designers. Use our car shipping estimates calculator and learn about the Cadillac DeVille by going here. Car shipping estimates are easy on this page.

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