Cadillac Catera
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Cadillac
Model: Catera
Cadillac Catera

The Cadillac Catera really isn't anything new; in fact it is a mid-sized retagged version of the Opel Omega MV6, which was made in Germany. This model was introduced to the North American market as an entry-level Cadillac. For the safety conscious United States market, Cadillac engineers made a number of modifications. Luxury modifications were also made for the demanding United States market. Engineers added significantly to the MV6's curb weight, and also softened the car's suspension. As it terns out, this was a bad move that has been made many times before by US car manufacturers. Cadillac was faced with a brand that was sinking pretty fast, and in an attempt to redeem themselves, Cadillac wanted to add third sedan. The Catera was brought to North America as the only Cadillac built outside of the United States to come to North America at that time. The car was smaller and had less power than other Cadillac models of the time and that did seem to matter to drivers. Sales did not meet GM's expectations as the car was often seen as too small. Additionally, the car was not able to attract consumers away from the other more popular small European cars. The Catera's short and disappointing production run was compared to the disastrous Cimarron of the early 1980s. Oddly, though, the model received good reviews from the automotive press. Cadillac decided that they had better start looking to the future car buyers of America, and thus, the Catera was marketed to a younger demographic than was customary for the company. In an attempt to accomplish this feat they used the old adage that sex sells. The initial advertisements showed supermodel Cindy Crawford, who was allegedly paid a reported $350,000 for ads including talking to an animated duck-like creature known as "Ziggy". It looks as though even Cindy Crawford couldn't sell this car.

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