Buick Terraza
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Terraza
Buick Terraza

In 2005 General Motors released the Buick Terraza, a minivan. It was created with the intent of filling the position of GM's luxury minivan, which was previously filled by the Oldsmobile Silhouette. Of course the division met its demise in 2004. In Doraville, Georgia, the Terraza is built alongside its Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn sisters. Under the hood, the Terraza uses a 3.5 L High Value V6 that generates 200 hp (149 kW) and 220 ft•lb (298 N•m) of torque. It manages to accelerate from zero to sixty in 10.2 seconds. In terms of safety rating, which many minivan consumers are concerned with, the Terraza managed to score three "good" and two "acceptable" ratings in IIHS crash tests. You might not know it by looking at this model, but the Terraza is the most luxurious of the GM minivans. It has a starting retail price of US$27,790, which is ahead of the Saturn Relay. Drivers can select the Terraza in two trim levels, the CX and the CXL. Despite all the hoopla, this is not Buick's first minivan. In fact, a Buick GL8 was first released in 2000, although it was only sold in China, which would explain why many American drivers view the Terraza as the first minivan. It looks though that this is not the time to be producing minivans. Sport Utility Vehicles have really dipped into the minivan's clientele. As a result, the Terraza will be discontinued after the 2008 model year, which sadly amounts to the closure of the Doraville plant. Logically, because of low sales of minivans, GM has decided to exit the minivan business. To move along with the growing trends, the Buick Enclave will replace the Terraza for the 2008 model year. Perhaps Buick will be able to win back some of the market that it lost while trying to push minivans while everyone was seeking SUVs.

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