Buick Special
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Special
Buick Special

Well the name is certainly special, but is the car? The Buick Special was an automobile produced by Buick in the now famously poor Flint, Michigan. Introduced in 1936 and lasting in production until 1958, Buick's Special model represented the brand's entry-level full-size automobile. The name seems to have paid off, given that by 1955, the Buick Special was one of America's best selling automobiles. The Specials are quite easy to identify, just look for the three vent ports – all senior Buicks have four. After a very successful run, Buick suspended the Buick Special name in 1958. They replaced the Special name with the LeSabre, which was supposed to denote Buicks least expensive full size car. It seems that a name like LeSabre could really denote nothing more. The name hiatus was short lived and in 1961, the car returned but this time on a brand new unibody GM A platform. The model was powered by an innovative aluminum-block 215 in<sup>3</sup> V8. The name Special was used to denote a Skylark option package later on. Meanwhile, in 1962, the Special was the first American car to use a V6 engine. This certainly allowed the automobile to like up to its given moniker. It was especially impressive that it was cast in iron. It received positive remarks in the media and, Road & Track was impressed with Buick's "practical" new V6, and described it as sounding and performing exactly like the aluminum V8 in most respects. Not to mention, the V6 Special took home Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year for 1962. Hopefully, this model will illustrate to Buick the importance of selecting a name for a car that will give it something to live up to. Driving a Special is sure to make the driver feel as if they are a part of something unique.

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