Buick Somerset
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Somerset
Buick Somerset

Only Buick could get away with naming a vehicle the Somerset. This was a compact car produced by the Buick division of General Motors between the years 1985 and 1987. Some may remember the "Somerset" name, which was used previously as a trim-level package on the Buick Regal in the early 1980s. It seems that cars were at the time taking a turn to smaller and this was the market that Buick was trying to reach with this model. The Somerset was a downsized car built on GM's N platform. Buick was attempting to replace the Buick Skylark, however, the Somerset name failed to resonate with the buying public. This name was just not going to fly no matter what the situation was, given that is was initially launched as the Somerset Regal in 1985, and even then the name was shortened to Somerset in 1986. Whether anyone was even concerned about the actual car is hard to say. Viewing the name like a bad omen, in 1988, Buick dropped the Somerset name and all models were later called Skylark. This was a smart move given that the Somerset did not do as well in the marketplace as the Pontiac Grand Am, which was the major competition at the time. In fact, both models were based on the same platform. Had anyone taken the time to actually look inside the car, as opposed to merely complain about the name, they would have noticed some interesting features. It included an all-digital instrument cluster and a surprisingly luxurious interior despite its small size. This model is a perfect illustration that the car market is very finicky and if consumers don't initially take to the model, and especially the model name, it is doomed for much time to come. It seems that Buick has learned this the hard way, and hopefully they will not make the same mistake again.

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