Buick Rendezvous
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Rendezvous
Buick Rendezvous

Well, another Sport Utility Vehicle hits the market. In the spring of 2001 Buick launched the Rendezvous as a 2002 model. This auto joined the growing number of "crossover SUVs". These were vehicles that really had no place being taken off pavement, but had the look and feel of being an off-road vehicle. This model type suited other fancies that people were looking to have such as cargo carrying capacity, elevated seating height and the suggestion of an active outdoor lifestyle. Of course they wanted all this with less of the negative attributes typically associated with traditional SUVs. Consumers were looking to have their cake and eat it too and avoid things such as poor gas mileage, propensity to roll over, uncomfortable ride and high step-in height. The Lexus RX300 really paved the way for this type of vehicle and its success encourage other manufactures to join the race to produce the next best not-off-road SUV. Buick took a leap and tried to add to the competition of this market. It seems though that there was a lot more riding on the Rendezvous than to simply be a successful crossover SUV. Buick was in a dire place as their general customer base was aging fast and reaching the point that they were not even buying cars any longer. Buick was extremely lucky because the Rendezvous brought a large number of younger, wealthier buyers into Buick showrooms, many of whom otherwise wouldn't have considered purchasing a Buick. This proved successful and it was a success that Buick drastically needed to offset the poor sales of the Pontiac Aztek. Buick will be an interesting manufacturer to watch in the coming years. They are definitely facing a time of sink or swim, and the Rendezvous illustrates that they will not go down easily.

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