Buick Regal
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Regal
Buick Regal

With a name like the Buick Regal, it is hard to expect anything except the very best. This car was a mid-size vehicle produced by General Motors’ Buick division from 1973 through 2004. During many of these years, Buick also used the Century name on mid-size models and the two often shared bodies and power trains. The Regal was named for the NASCAR Grand National racing series. It incorporated a 4.1 L V6 with 125 hp or an optional 180 hp turbocharged 3.8 L V6. Needless to say it had quite a reputation to live up to. There was no Grand National released in 1983, but thankfully it returned in 1984 at which time it was painted all black. In 1987 it reached a whopping 245 hp (182 kW).

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For those that were looking for the true and rare, in 1987 a lightweight WE4 (Turbo T) option was offered which is extremely rare today.Only 1,547 of these models were produced and are very hard to come by in the marketplace. These beauties were painted all black and came with the same blackout package as the Grand National. This option included bumpers, grille, headlight and taillight trim. The only differences between a WE4 and the base Grand National were with the interior trim package. Sporty drivers had to make quite an effort to grab the rear spoiler, which was only available as a dealer installed option.

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Muscles cars are and were the center of conversation among some car enthusiast. By 1985, the Grand National had acquired quite a reputation as a modern muscle car. However, the days of the G-body were numbered. The Buick engineers admitted that what they were designing simply could not deliver what drivers were expecting. In fact, it was a very sad time for fans of the Regal who saw the model lose its place in the racing community. So now its considered more of a upscale family ride.  You can get a Buick Regal car transport quote using our innovative calculator.

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