Buick Rainier
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Rainier
Buick Rainier

Folks, step aside, the Buick Rainier is making its mark as a contender in the mid-size SUV market. This model from General Motors, which was introduced in 2004 as a replacement to the Oldsmobile Bravada, is the first truck sold under the Buick name. Some may be wondering how this could possibly be given that the Rendezvous was released prior to the Rainer. It is true that you might be able to qualify the Rendezvous as a truck given that as it is classified by the EPA as a light truck. Nevertheless, nothing else has come close since the 1920s, and this is the first body-on-frame V8-powered Buick since the 1996 Roadmaster. But, don't get too excited because the Rainier is soon to be replaced, along with the Rendezvous, by a new crossover SUV. The new model will be called the Enclave and will be built on the GM Lambda platform for 2008. Outdoor enthusiasts and especially hikers should recognize the name, which originated after the tall and rugged mountain. It is only appropriate then that the Rainier would come equipped with both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive configurations. But, don't get carried away, the Rainier is not much an off-roading adventure SUV. This is more the SUV for those who want to feel adventurous, but really have no true intention of taking this car off pavement ever. It attempts to offer all the utility and power of a standard off-roading SUV, but in a nicer, more luxurious package than its competitors. You would have to be a fool to look inside at the leather seats, OnStar, dual climate control, and wood and chrome trimmings and decided to take this beauty off into the creeks. However, the Rainier will suit anyone just fine on the road and can fill dreams of one day being released into the wild. If you do get crazy and take this car off-road, fear not, there is an onboard navigational system.

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