Buick Park Avenue
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Park Avenue
Buick Park Avenue

With a name like the Park Avenue, you can really accept nothing less than the absolute best. It seems that it just may have lived up to its name give that it was Buick's flagship sedan from 1975 to 1990. The Park Avenue was also the trim level name given to the full-size Electra. It followed in 1991 to 2005 as a completely new model replacing the Electra entirely. Not that any explanation is need, but its name honors to the affluent New York City Boulevard that shares the same name. For those who were seeking a car that was more like a piece of jewelry on wheels, a luxury trim level called the Ultra, was available. This model was meant for the super indulgent and featured a more powerful 205-240 hp supercharged V6. Humorous, that same engine became standard in 1992, which obviously took away some of the prestige for those who had sprung for the Ultra in the earlier years. This model came as in inspired at the 1989 Park Avenue Essence show car. Buick was miraculously able to use this car to set the pace for their styling in the 1990s. If one is looking to compare this car to another model, its elegant and graceful lines have encouraged some to describe it as the 'American Jaguar'. Now this really may be taking it a little to far. Nevertheless, many of its styling features including a large grille mounted to the hood, rounded lines, and full-width tail lamps were carried over into other models which is precisely why this model can not be compared to a Jaguar. In reality, there is only one Jaguar and although Buick may wish to be one, they are much better off distinguishing themselves in other areas and in other markets. Originality is the only thing that will keep Buick the automotive industry game.

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