Buick Lucerne
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Lucerne
Buick Lucerne

Drivers looking for a full-size car may want to take a second look at the Buick Lucerne. It was produced by the Buick division of General Motors with the intent to replace the Park Avenue and the LeSabre in 2006. At the Chicago Auto Show on February 9, 2005, onlookers got a peak at the new to be released Lucerne, which was built upon a front-wheel drive derivative of the G-body Buick LeSabre. Rumor has it that the rear-wheel drive GM Zeta platform was considered, but nevertheless, this is not what made its way to the showroom. Buick must be pleased with its latest addition given that initial sales of the Lucerne have been strong, so strong that the car is claiming 24% of the full-size sedan market in the United States which is surely nothing to sneeze at. Much like the surprisingly similar 2005 Pontiac Bonneville, the Lucerne contains a Cadillac Northstar V8 engine or the standard Buick 3800 V6. Additionally, the Lucerne became the first V8-powered Buick car since the fall of the Roadmaster, which sadly occurred in 1996. For those looking for something even more out of this car, they can opt to include Corvette's Magnetic Ride Control, which is an active suspension technology. In terms of what this vehicle will cost you to take home, the Lucerne's base price is lower than that of the LeSabre, its predecessor. However the V8 option can bring the model price to reach Park Avenue levels. As a result of this, the V6 options are considered replacement to the LeSabre; meanwhile the V8 option replaces the Park Avenue. Buick has high hopes that the Lucerne is able to compete with the Toyota Avalon, Mercury Sable and Hyundai Azera which are all in the aggressive entry level-luxury segment. Yet, from initial sales, it seems that the Lucerne is holding its place quite well.

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