Buick Invicta
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Buick
Model: Invicta
Buick Invicta

The Buick Invicta was introduced as a full-sized automobile by General Motors' Buick Motor Division in 1959. It lasted on the market until 1963. The Invicta was an extension of the Buick Century, which had mated the standard size Buick LeSabre body with Buick's larger 401 in<sup>3</sup> Nailhead V8 engine. This combination yielded what was referred to as a "banker's hotrod". For a bit of trivia, the name was derived from Latin and signified 'unconquerable, invincible, unbeatable'. This name was obviously wrong though given that sales never even closely approached that of either the LeSabre or the Electra. Nevertheless, sales were consistent with the traditional sales expected of Buick's sporty mid-priced models. Beginning in 1960, the Invicta was offered in a custom trim package that featured the ever popular and comfortable bucket seats. It seems though that people were not buying cars based off the seats alone. Sales were nominal and not meeting expectations. Perhaps this is why Buick has never used the Invicta model name again. This may not seem like a big deal, but for Buick it is certainly worth noting. Buick has reintroduced several of its better known model names such as the Special, Century and Roadmaster. This is not to say though that Buick doesn't have something in the works. The company has the name re-trademarked in 2004. It is hard to imagine what exactly a new version of the Invicta would look like or even what market segment would be targeted with such a new model. Presumably, it would also be a full-size sedan with a large engine and hopefully a decent amount of power to accompany it. Perhaps this car could make it in the current marketplace if Buick made some luxury options available to the willing customer. Either way, be on the lookout for something new to be introduced.

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