Buick Gran Sport
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Make: Buick
Model: Gran Sport
Buick Gran Sport

A number of Buick models had an optional high-performance package that was available under the name Buick Gran Sport or GS. This package was available on numerous models including the Riviera and the Wildcat. The 1965 Skylark Gran Sport was the middle of the line Buick. Despite the fact that a V8 was already offered in the Skylark, the Gran Sport offered the largest engine permitted by GM which was a 400 in Buick V8. Actually, this engine was 401 in but was called a “400” by Buick because that was the size limit for engines set by General Motors. Buick went on to sell more than 15,000 Gran Sports that first year alone, and was able to sell almost that many the following year. In 1967, it was renamed the GS 400 and included a new “400” engine which was actually a whopping 400 in. Stiff competition caused sales to fall somewhat in the face of hot muscle car competition.

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In an effort to compete, Buick introduced the Stage 1 option for 1969. This limited version, which was only produced for less than 1500 customers, produced 360 hp (253 kW) and 440 ft.lbf (597 Nm). The name Gran Sport was revived again starting in the late eighties on the FWD Skylark model. Buick also offered a GS option package on the Buick Wildcat for the 1966 model year only. The purchaser received with this option a pair of Carter AFB four barrel carburetors, and finned aluminum valve covers on the 425 nail head engine. The impressive option was only offered for one year. The Riviera GS nevertheless was a high-performance version of the Buick Riviera, produced for a decade from 1965 through 1975. In the1965 model year, it was called Riviera GranSport whereas the later models were still officially called Gran Sport. They did though show the GS badges instead of GranSport. Auto Shipping Costs for the Buick Gran Sport are available on this page and to learn more about the Gran Sport you can go here.

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