Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: Z3

The BMW Z3 marks a special day in the history of BMW. It is yet to be determined whether this was a good day or a bad one. The BMW Z3 was the first BMW model assembled in the United States. This was BMW's first attempt at a mass-market roadster. BMW introduced the model in the 1996 model year, just following its star performance in the James Bond movie, GoldenEye. Production on the vehicle ended in 2002, yet a few changes were made to the model before it was dropped from the line. A coupe version was created for the 1999 model year, which was manufactured and assembled in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In late 2002 at the Paris Auto Show, the Z3 was shoved aside and replaced by the BMW Z4. While the Z3 was around they kept up a fairly positive reputation for being reliable, and the only problems reported were concerning bad oxygen sensors, a flimsy plastic water pump, and failing rear shock mounts. The last few problems that arose are actually much more interesting, given that BMW usually doesn't experience problems as basic as those that follow. The most common problems were rocking seats and water leaks on the roof of all things. On a more positive mote, the car's retro styling was welcomed and quite popular, and even the upscale Mercedes-Benz SLK couldn't match the Z3 in good looks. For the lucky drivers who managed to purchase the Z3 while they were still on the market, they should still be able to draw a decent selling price should they decide to trade up. The Z3s have held their value fairly well in the resale market, perhaps partly due to its Hollywood appearance, but most likely, more so due to the reputable BMW brand name. Of course, it helps that the car has not seen any major engine or transmission problems ' at least not yet.

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