Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: X5

Since 2000, BMW has been selling the BMW X5 as a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, or as they like to call it, an SAV-a Sports Activity Vehicle. The X5 features all wheel drive and a line of straight-6 and V8 engines. For those who are located outside of the United States, a 3.0 L diesel engine is available. The X5 has actually been in the works for quite some time prior to its release. To be exact, the design sketches for the vehicle were completed a decade before the car was ever released. Chris Bangle drew the first sketches from his Designworks studio in California and in many ways the current car closely resembles those early sketches. Incidentally, BMW's takeover of Rover proved to be very helpful in the development of the X5. BMW engineers took a look at and put to use the technology and parts being used in the Range Rover. This of course made the development of the X5 much more comprehensive. The legacy of the Range Rover is evident in the hill descent control. Additionally, the design of the X5 was also influenced by its British sibling. For example, the X5 got the two-piece tailgate straight from the Range Rover. In another attempt to save costs, many parts and electronics were also taken directly from the E39 5 series. One thing though that the two cars did not have in common was that the X5 was designed as a sporting road car, whereas the Land Rover was actually built with the capability to go off-road. Thus, the off-road capabilities of the X5 are significantly less than Land Rover. BMW launched an aggressive marketing campaign to make it known that they did not intent for the vehicle to truly be an off road machine. Humorously, when tested off road on the BBC television program Top Gear, the test vehicle lost traction and was towed by a 1960s vintage Land Rover.

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