Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: X3

The German automaker, BMW, has coined a new classification of cars ' the SAV, standing for Sport Activity Vehicle. The BMW X3 is by their definition a SAV, although, technically, it is better described as a Sport Utility Vehicle. This vehicle is a compact entry-level ride based on the BMW 3-Series automobile platform. The X3 3.0i was awarded the Best New Sport Utility Vehicle award for 2005. BMW felt confident that the X3 would have success in its class given the success that the X5 had been experiencing in its class. This was the automakers attempt to compete with other models such as the Freelander, Lexus RX and other small luxury SUVs. At the Detroit Auto Show in 2003, BMW launched this concept car, which was being dubbed the xActivity. BMW explained the vehicle as a smaller SAV based on the 3 series platform. At the auto show, the concept car in fact almost looked nothing like a car given that it lacked windows and for the most part a roof. Additionally, the interior was extremely futuristic. Truly, the basic shape of the car was the only bit that BMW led on to. This project was not as difficult as it may have seemed, given that BMW used many parts from the 3 series in the new X3. In-fact complete sets of parts came straight out of the E46 330xi, and were placed for use in the X3. This proved to be quite successful for BMW, given that the X3 turned out to be a fairly popular model and opened the automaker up to a new market of customers who were maybe not previously purchasing BMWs. Contracting for the X3 was given to Magna Steyr of Graz, Austria and they also performed additional development work on the model. It is always possible though that BMW will at some point bring the manufacturing back to be completed in house.

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