Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: L7

If you are looking to purchase the BMW L7, you are only going to find it in North America. This model was only available as a more luxurious version of the 735i for the American market. Of course, it featured luxury options that were not available in the other markets around the world. BMW has a habit of releasing special edition models only in certain markets to meet the specific needs of the consumer, and the American consumers require an added sense of luxury. Add-ons included special leather upholstery with a leather dashboard and door padding as opposed to the standard wood trim. There were numerous other features that were available as standard. All of the L7 models were built with automatic transmissions. All of the 7 Series models, except for the 745i were built with the 12-valve type-M30 six-cylinder engine that was used in the older E3 and E9 cars. Although most of the 7 series engines were fuel-injected, two models (the 728 and 730) were available with a Solex four-barrel carburetor until 1979. At which point they were replaced by the fuel-injected 728i. The more advanced digital Bosch Motronic system was used in later models, as it replaced the earlier used Bosch L-jetronic system. Furthermore, the North American versions were fitted with larger bumpers, which were required by Federal standards. They also included smaller sealed beam headlights, and a range of emissions equipment that were not found on European-market cars. Unfortunately, the North American versions were slightly less powerful than the European counterparts on account of the mechanical changes that had to be made to meet the required standards. However, it is hard to argue that drivers would have even been able to notice a difference had performance testing not been done. Nevertheless, consumers were just pleased to be able to purchase the model stateside.

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