Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: L6

Produced by the German automaker BMW between the 1976 and 1989 model years was the BMW L6. It was built upon the BMW E24 platform as a coupe. It has seen a slight revival, beginning in the 2004 model year; the name has reappeared on the E63. The L6 was launched and created as replacement for the CS and CSL coupes, which were first produced in 1965. In March 1976 production for the L6 began and was offered in two models: the 630CS and 633CSi. The original bodies were manufactured by Karmann, but as commonly occurred, production was later taken in-house to BMW. The 1982 model saw a few changes to the L6. The interior was improved and the exterior was slightly modified. The United States models had the M30 3.2 liter 181 hp engine until 1984, at which time improvements were made and all were equipped with a 3.5 liters engine and horsepower increased slightly to 182 hp. Additionally, an even bigger difference was seen in torque. The L6 was a luxury version that was only available in the United States and in automatic form. In the UK it was called the 635CSi Highline where some manual cars were made. The luxury version in the North American market was offered with extras such as leather head lining, leather door skins and leather dashboard among other such luxuries. It appears that the luxury options were important to the American consumers and the model would not have been as successful without the option to make such upgrades. BMW continues to offer upgraded versions of its automobiles in the North American market, and consumers have come to expect nothing less. Consumers who were unable to grab up the L6 before production ended, were likely to have turned to the 8 series for their next automobile purchase.

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