BMW 760
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 760
BMW 760

The BMW 760 is really a huge car. BMW, the German automaker has amazingly brought together luxury, style and power. This car sits on massive, 20-inch wheels, which oddly enough doesn’t look as out of place as one might assume. In terms of power, the 760’s 6.0 liters, V12 engine delivers a whopping 438 horsepower 444lb-ft. of torque. This car is sure to prove anyone wrong who thinks that a vehicle of its size is not capable of competing with the smaller and daintier models. The 760 commands road presence like no other BMW available today. More over though, it is important to remember that this is also a luxury vehicle and BMW has definitely not forgotten that. Drivers can select and relish in the Active Support “massage” feature on the driver’s seat which is sure to make rush hour driving much more enjoyable. There is also active ventilation on the front seats, which keep the interior air quite pleasant. The 760 is either available as the standard 760i or the 760Li, which features a longer wheel base.

Car Shipping Cost For BMW 760

The 7 series cars are a true testament to the style and workmanship of the BMW brand. Drivers have consistently praised the series’ cars as being reliable, but more so, as being an exciting vehicle to own and operate. These will obviously run you a pretty penny to purchase, however, given the opportunity, it is a great choice over some of the other models available on the market. In this day and age when many hours a week are spent behind the wheel, making an educated and thought out buying decision will certainly payoff in the long run. Even if you cannot afford to buy a 760, if you are given a chance to take this beauty for a test drive, it would be well worth your time. You might in fact find yourself sitting down with the sales guy before you know it. Go here for more specs on the BMW 760. You can also receive  instant car shipping costs for the BMW 760.

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